Flexible Services

Financial & Business Analysis

  • Income statement and balance sheet analysis
  • Product/segment marginal profitability studies
  • Potential earnings power analysis
  • Cost of equity and debt¬†
  • Search for possible value to unlock
  • Operational margin of safety and minimal requirements

Business Valuation & Pricing

  • Comparison based valuation methods
  • Revenue, earnings and profitiability based
  • Book and networth based
  • Discounted casflow and dividend models
  • Enterprise value based methods
  • Stocks + bonds and money-market instruments

Market Research

  • Sector spesific developments
  • Forecasts and potentials
  • Comparable competitiors
  • Fragmentatiot, takeovers, M&A
  • Bottlenecks and market dependence

Consulting & Advisory

  • General or analysis based operational support
  • M&A advisory in price setting
  • Market presentations for expansion or adoption
  • Investment and divestment recommendability


  • Market and individual channel development
  • Buyers and sellers
  • Investment opportunities
  • General knowledge sharing


Our alternative partnership-based investment vehicle. Limited only to long-term credible partners. Focused on overlooked  companies in public stock market with high probability of outperformance. Long-only strategy.

Customized Worksheets

Customized excel worksheets fulfilling your needs to perform independent analysis and research

Individualized Verbal Education

Using real world examples and history of financial booms and busts.