Case: Developer

We provided a solid base for financial reporting and screening system to our long-term Spanish partner whose debtor and shareholder count was constantly increasing. On top of the financial reporting support, we managed to connect two partners from our network to achieve a capital investment agreement, on which we made a valuation check. 

Tawast Partners was requested to be an outsourced operational manager in a family business, where a local competition and inefficient balance sheet put pressure to its operations. We took advantage of our network, set up a client friendly web-channel, divested from dragging investments, reallocated its capital and improved the profitability

Case: Health Care

Case: Real estate

Tawast Partners in 2021 performed a specific real estate market research in a concentrated Baltic region and offered this idea to a long-term partner with multiple real estate investments. Based on this market research, our client established a subsidiary in this country and achieved a price appreciation of 13.6% CAGR for 2 years on top of the rental income. 

We have received a lot of interest from individuals looking to improve their know-how and ability of self analysis with the current high interest in self-investing.  We’ve been able to support our clients with various ready-to-use analysis tools to research the quality of earnings and balance sheet items, to value businesses and instruments such as bonds, and so forth.

Case: Individuals