Financial Templates & Tools

Time-Value Of Money

Based on future and present value calculations of currency

Discounted Dividend Model

Based on stable and multiphase per-share dividend discounting

Earnings Based Valuation

Based on simple earnings growth estimation and discounting

Discounted Casflow Model

Based on expected free cashflow and growth rate discounting

3-point Scenario Valuation

Based on best-to-mid-to-worst case free casflow discounting

Pricing Of Bonds And Notes

Based on nominal value of bond or note coupon and time value

Duration of Debt Insrument

Measurement of bond’s interest rate risk that considers maturity, yield and coupon


Weigted Average Cost Of Capital (WACC)

Measurement of company’s average cost of capital from all sources

Financial Statement Forecasting (%-of-sales)

For a process to estimate future business performance through income statement

Comparable Private Company Value

Based on multiple valuation metrics, derived from market

Marginal Profitability Graphs

In order to visualize the change and progress of profitability in different levels of income statement


Ratio Analysis

A category of liquidity, efficiency and profitability ratios derived from income statement or balance sheet