About Us

The Financial Partner

Tawast Partnership is a solution for businesses and individuals in need of tailored financial consulting, encompassing research, financial analysis, advisory, education, networking opportunities and ready-to-use worksheets. Additionally, we selectively establish alternative investment partnerships with our long-term and qualified clients

At tawast partnership, our goal is to advise and provide solutions for our clients to achieve improved profitability, investment returns, business valuation and ever-growing wealth stability. We have maintained a long-term time horizon and value orientation from the beginning.

Origins Of Tawast Partnership

Our company was born out of deep passion towards financial markets, especially from the public stock market. From the beginning, we have had a strategy of long-term value creation to achieve success and sustainable wealth. After a decade of analyzing financial statements, interviewing businesses, pricing various items and financial instruments, we thought why shouldn’t provide our know-how in a form of tailored service. We have already seen both booming and busting market environments where companies are looking for answers. Afterall, the founder of Tawast has a degree from both economics and engineering, a strong combined education to support financial and operational research.